Education: Investing in Our Children’s Future

Our kids are leaving New Mexico, and they aren’t coming back. Despite spending $29,000 per year per child in Albuquerque Public Schools, many are struggling with basic reading and math skills. Only 35% of students are at grade level in the four core competencies.

It’s time we address this issue head-on and provide quality education that equips our children for success.

To begin with, the behemoth bureaucracy that is Albuquerque Public Schools needs to be broken up and reformed, with revenue distributed equally. We have much to learn from states that have moved up through the national rankings because of reforms that allow for educational competition. We need to figure out where all this money is going, since it isn’t making it into the classrooms. Not all of this can be addressed at the legislative level, which is why it is vital that we create the conditions for the reforms to be undertaken by the schools themselves. The only way to do that is through the competition created by genuine school choice.