Healthcare Crisis: Retaining Our Doctors

I experienced firsthand the challenges of our healthcare system when my husband’s life was suddenly at stake due to a health emergency. Good doctors are leaving New Mexico, forcing us to seek medical care elsewhere because of bad legislation passed in Santa Fe. We must take immediate action to retain our healthcare professionals and ensure quality care for all New Mexicans.

Just as my husband needed a medical advocate during his fight for life, I am stepping forward to be that voice for you.

We currently incentivize doctors to leave New Mexico rather than stay. We incentivize the movie industry, but instead of incentivizing doctors to come to New Mexico, we have lost hundreds of our best medical professionals since 2018. It will take a decade of hard work and innovative solutions to fix this problem, but it can be fixed. It starts with serious tort reform, in addition to revising our medical malpractice insurance laws.

I will be an advocate on this issue because my eyes were opened to the seriousness of it in my own life. I can only imagine how many people this impacts negatively in New Mexico every year, indeed, every day that they need good healthcare and can’t get it because of the shortage of doctors.