Crime, Immigration, Border Security, and Drug Trafficking

New Mexico now ranks as the worst state for drug use, and it’s time we take control of the uncontrolled flow of drugs across our borders. Our neighbors and our children are dying. Let’s prioritize the safety of our communities and address this pressing issue.

Though much of the policy that has created the border crisis is decided in Washington, D.C., we can de-incentivize cartel activity in our state by simply enforcing our laws. Currently, New Mexico has the most human trafficking, drug trafficking, and cartel activity of any of the border states precisely because we have the most lax law enforcement and criminal justice system. Judicial reform is an absolutely necessary first step towards restoring the rule of law in New Mexico.

The crisis at our border is at its worst level in decades not only because we have utterly abdicated even the pretense of enforcing our immigration laws. It’s also because we have created magnets for illegal immigrants, particularly in blue states like New Mexico. They can access our welfare programs, free college, get jobs, and even be issued drivers licenses.

If we’re serious about enforcing the law and stopping the invasion, those magnet programs must end.

This can be done in several different ways at the state level. There are three policy changes that I will advocate for as soon as I take my oath of office in the senate:

1) Have law enforcement check immigration status on anyone who gets arrested. This can be addressed by mandatory police usage of the SAVE program ( at all levels of New Mexico government. Essentially police departments could be required to run a person through SAVE, the same way that fingerprints are run through a database upon arrest/booking in most states. SAVE is not perfect, but it is far less fraught than E-Verify and serves the same purposes explicitly for government entities.

2) End the ability for mayors and city councilors to claim sanctuary city status. This has been done in both Texas and Arizona, our neighboring border states, to great effect, and it will help curb the crime crisis in Albuquerque especially.

3) We must repeal the laws allowing drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. We could go even further, as Florida has, and invalidate the types of drivers licenses issued for illegal immigrants in other states.